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How to choose the water head of a brushless dc pump for your application?
Author:jack Time:2018-2-27

How to choose the water head of a brushless dc pump for your application?

How to choose the water head of a brushless dc pump is one of the most asked question by VOVYO's customers. Since, if the water head of a dc water pump is selected not so good then it will increase your cost on buying a water pump or the selected pump is unable to be meet your application requirements. Below are the basic principles on how to choose the water head of a brushless dc water pump.

First of all ,The so-called water head of a brushless dc pump is the required water head, not the lifting height, knowing this is particularly important to choose a brushless dc water pump. Pump water head should be around 1.15 to 1.20 times than that of the lifting height. For example, the required lifting is about 23 to 24 meters if the water source is 20 meters vertical height to the water using place. It is suggested that you’d better choose a pump with a water head on the pump nameplate close to the required water head. In this case, pump will highest efficiency work and more economical. However it does not necessarily to be absolutely equal ,since the brushless dc pump can also be more energy-efficient work as long as the general deviation is not more than 20%. 
Second, Generally speaking ,user's requirements can not be meet when a water head on the nameplate far less than the required head of a brushless dc pump is chosen that because of the water will be pitifully small even if water can be pump , and even become a useless "free pump" . Is it the water head chosen for a brushless dc pump the more higher the more better? Actually not, since exceed water flow will be happened when a High-lift pump works for low lifting ,it will result in motor overload, and the motor temperature will raise up a lot if working in this condition for a long time also the winding insulation will gradually Aging, even burning the brushless dc pump motor.

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