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What is Brushless DC Water Pump?
Author:jackblance Time:2013-5-9

Brushless dc water pump with a brushless DC motor and coupled with the impeller in its rotor in the housing structure.Due to the water around the rotor there is no Brush friction,therefore the spark is not generated.brushless water pump is a typical electromechanical Integration products.
Difference between Brushless water pump and traditional brushed water pump:
Due to the motor shaft and the rotor impeller directly connected and shaft seals, therefore the shaft and gasket works in friction status.so the brushed water pump life is very short. and the industry applictions is also limited.
Brushless dc water pumps with magnetic conversion instead of the traditional structure pump.the motor and the rotor impeller is completely isolated by waterproof chamber so the sealing problems is completely solved. due to the rotating parts with the perfect combination of zirconium oxide and graphite ,the mechanical friction is minimized ,along with the longer life and low noise.
With Brushless motor,the function of the brushless water pump is aso perfect: governor function, FG signal output, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, anti-slip protection, over temperature protection, low-voltage solar start. brushless dc water pump are divded into 5v water pump, <a style="color: #0073aa;" href="https://www.vovyopump.com/dc-water-pump/">dc water pump</a>, 24v water pump, 48v water pump etc.
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