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                          SAMPLE POLICY OF VOVYO COMPANY

As the manufacturer,One piece of free sample is offered not including the shipping fee for
     company customer.
fee will be returned to the customer when he place an order to us in
     the future.

     (Company customer just need contact us by his/her company email account to get the free sample.)
If company customer need more than 1 piece sample,customer just need pay the exceed pumps
      fee with diccounted price 25%~50% cheaper than the retail price,and these fee will be returned to
      the customer when he place an order to us in the future.

. Q: How to get a sample?

      A: If  we have the design in stock, we can send samples to you.If we don't have in stock, we can
           make for  you.
           If you want to get a sample of your own design ,we can produce that for you.develop fee is needed.

 2. Q: How to do the payment?

      A:  We accept T/T  Paypal and
Western Union. For samples order we recommend you choose
           Paypal to make the payment,it can save much tranfer time and tranfer fee.For bulk order we
           recommend you choose T/T to make the payment.
3.  Q: How to shipping?

A: Generally we use express to delivery goods ,such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX.
            If you have your own express account, we can use your account to delivery the goods.
            If you don't have the express account, we can use our shipping agent to do the pre-paid delivery.
            We will calculate the shipping fee for you ,you can pay us in advanvce.

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